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Susan Craft

Susan Craft

Affordable Maui Weddings is all about quality beach weddings at very reasonable prices!

When you are looking for a wedding planner, it’s a difficult choice when you are so far away! With the myriad of planners, how is our company different from all the rest? Affordable Maui Weddings stands heads above the others in a number of ways.

First of all, we have been doing weddings since 1998. We have years of experience working with brides and grooms in various venues and with various sizes. Not very many companies can say that.

Second, we don’t try to tell you how to have to do your wedding, rather we present options and give you information so that you can plan the wedding of your dreams. We work together to accomplish your goals.

Third, we have an A+ rating with the BBB. That says a lot from an outside source. We strive to keep that rating by offering you the best possible service. Each couple is unique and we work with you to help you have the wedding you really want.

Fourth, Affordable Maui weddings are designed to be just that; an affordable Maui wedding. Our site is designed for small parties on the beach, with just the basics.

Because we plan simple weddings at affordable prices, we realize we’re not going to be the right company for everyone. There is good news though, we do have a sister company that performs larger packages and can do a custom wedding with all the bells and whistles for a larger group. Check out if you need a specific venue or large group.

If Affordable fits your needs, check out our website and give Susan Craft a call at 800-856-3270.

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